The project is funded by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein Grants and the Romanian Government

About the project

Project Title: “Multicultural Diversity – pillar for community development in the counties of Botosani, Bistrita – Nasaud and Iasi”

 No.of grant contract: PA17/RO13 – LP30/22.12.2015


Project Promoter: U.A.T. Municipiul Botoșani
Project Partners:

  • A.T. Municipiul Bistrița
  • Asociația Iubire și Încredere Iaşi


Project :

Overalls objective: to promote better understanding of cultural diversity and strengthening intercultural dialogue, including through strengthening the culture of minorities in Botosani, Bistrita – Nasaud and Iasi.

The specific objectives are:

  •  increasing capacity to promote cultural diversity to the general public in the regions North East and North West by organizing three festivals in the cities of Botosani, Iasi and Bistrita and making a documentary film about the culture and traditions of multiethnic;
  • strengthen intercultural dialogue and the development of cooperation and expand possibilities for conducting various activities in the arts and cultural regional and interregional by organizing 12 workshops with specialists in culture and art in the North East and North West ;
  • raising awareness about cultural diversity and developing a better understanding of cultural diversity, including minority culture by making 3 studies in culture and arts sector in Botosani, Bistrita – Nasaud and Iasi and organizing a campaign advocacy to disseminate understanding of cultural diversity in Româniaşi in SEE countries


Project duration: 23.12.2014 – 31.10.2016


Project value: 863,268.95 lei, representing 100% grant from the EEA Grants (Norway, Island, Liechtenstein) and the Romanian Government.




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