The project is funded by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein Grants and the Romanian Government


Project: “Multicultural Diversity – Pillar for Community Development in Botosani, Iasi and Bistrita-Nasaud”

Number of grant contract: PA17 / RO13 – LP30 / 12.22.2015

Project promoter: U.A.T. Municipiul Botosani (Botosani Municipality)

Project partners:

U.A.T. Municipiul Bistrita (Bistrita Municipality)

Asociatia Iubire si Incredere Iasi


Project objectives:

Overall objective: to promote a better understanding of cultural diversity and strengthening of intercultural dialogue, including through strengthening the culture of minorities in Botosani, Bistrita – Nasaud and Iasi.

Specific objectives:

  • increasing capacity to promote cultural diversity to the general public in the North East and North West regions by organizing three festivals in cities Botosani, Iasi and Bistrita and making a documentary film about the multi-ethnic culture and traditions;
  • strengthening intercultural dialogue and the development of cooperation and expand possibilities for conducting various activities in the field of arts and culture at regional and interregional levels by organizing 12 workshops with experts in culture and arts in the North East and North West;
  • raising awareness about cultural diversity and developing a better understanding of cultural diversity, including minority cultures by making 3 sectoral studies in culture and arts in Botosani, Bistrita – Nasaud and Iasi and organizing campaigns advocacy to disseminate understanding of cultural diversity in Româniaşi in SEE countries


Project duration: 23/12/2014 – 31/10/2016


Project budget: 863,268.95 lei, representing 100% grant from the EEA Grants and the Government of Romania

Progress stage: Completed

Achievements and results:

  • Organizing 12 workshops- 4 for each county (Botosani, Bistrita Nasaud and Iasi) – with experts in culture and arts)
  • Elaboration of 3 sectoral studies in culture and arts in Botosani, Iasi and Bistrita Nasaud
  • Creating a documentary film about the multi-ethnic culture and traditions- distribution of 500 DVDs of the movie and promoting it during the advocacy campaign, the 4 festivals, the cultural manifestation in Iasi and the final conference.
  • 4 festivals organized to promote diversity through multi-ethnic performances highlighting multicultural music, dance and visual art in the modern form – artistic, intercultural games, photo exhibition, documentary film screening, traditional garb parade, exhibition of costumes / traditional objects minorities, reading workshop, city tour areas to trace minorities, tasting traditional ethnic dishes.
  • Organizing 2 conferences- for the opening and closing of the project
  • Creating and updating project website:
  • Promoting the project through social media: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.


Cooperation with entities from donor states:

During the campaign 300 project folders, with a custom presentation in Romanian and English, were made and disseminated. Each package contained: a custom folder, a DVD with the documentaru movie created within the project, a project presentation material, an informative document regarding the results sectoral studies, a short presentation of the three partners in the project.

270 envelopes with the project promotion package were sent to entities in the country and 30 others were sent to foreign entities- namely from the EEA Member States and the European Union.


Photo selection:

Contact information and clear references on the Programme and the Financial Mechanism and will refer the project homepage:


PA17/RO13 Programe


According to the European Economic Area Agreement between the European Union, on the one hand, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, on the other hand, Romania benefits from a non-refundable financial aid.

On the basis of the Memorandum of Understanding on the implementation of the EEA Financial Mechanism for 2009-2014, between the Donor States Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and Romania, the Parties decided to establish the Programme “PROMOTION OF DIVERSITY IN CULTURE AND ARTS WITHIN EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE”

The Programme is implemented by the Ministry of Culture from Romania, through the Project Management Unit (PMU) as Programme Operator, in partnership with Arts Council Norway as Donor Programme Partner.


The aim of the “Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage” Programme refers to:

  • increasing cultural dialogue and fostering the European identity through understanding of cultural diversity;
  • helping reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area;
  • strengthening the relations between the Donor States and Romania.


The total Programme budget is 8,022,059 EUR as follows:

  • 750 EUR covered by the EEA grants;
  • 309 EUR provided by the Romanian side.


The Programme Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage addresses the following OUTCOMES:


OUTCOME 1: Awareness of cultural diversity raised and intercultural dialogue strengthened

  • Increased mobility for artists and their works at international level
  • Education through art and culture reaching a broader audience;
  • Projects concerning music and stage arts;
  • Projects concerning fine and visual arts;


OUTCOME 2: Cultural history documented

  • Cultural history of minorities enhanced and promoted;
  • Events/productions involving minorities (fairs, performances, festivals, productions).


More details can be found by visiting the website

The project homepage is

1 February 2017


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