The project is funded by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein Grants and the Romanian Government

Promotion and advocacy campaign

Among the project activities there was an advocacy and promotion campaign held to promote a better understanding of cultural diversity of the multicultural heritage, in the pursue of reaching another objective of the program, namely “developing a better understanding of cultural diversity and strengthening intercultural dialogue, including culture of minorities “; strengthening inter-cultural dialogue, including the culture of minorities in the North-East Botosani and Iasi counties and the North-West, Bistrita – Nasaud.
During the campaign 300 project folders, with a custom presentation in Romanian and English, were made and disseminated. Each package contained: a custom folder, a DVD with the documentaru movie created within the project, a project presentation material, an informative document regarding the results sectoral studies, a short presentation of the three partners in the project.
270 envelopes with the project promotion package were sent to entities in the country and 30 others were sent to foreign entities- namely from the EEA Member States and the European Union.



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