The project is funded by Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein Grants and the Romanian Government


In the project ” Multicultural Diversity – pillar of community development in Botosani, Bistrita-Nasaud and Iaşi” 12 workshops were organized with experts in culture and arts in the North East and North West in order to strengthen intercultural dialogue and capacity development collaboration and expand possibilities for conducting various activities in the arts and culture on regional and interregional levels.

During the project implementation, four workshops were organized in each location (Botosani, Bistrita, Iasi), as follows:

June 2015                               July 2015                                September 2015                  February 2016
Iași: 15.06.2015 Bistrița: 9.07.2015 Iași: 10.09.2015 Botoșani:15.02.2016
Botoşani: 17.06.2015 Botoșani: 14.07.2015 Botoșani: 15.09.2015 Iași: 17.02.2016
Bistriţa: 23.06.2015 Iași: 16.07.2015 Bistrița: 17.09.2015 Bistrița: 19.02.2016

Managers and specialists from institutions of cultural and multicultural diversity, volunteers and NGO workers in the cultural and multicultural diversity were invited to each of the 12 workshops.

The events were organized to crystallize strategic lines in multicultural diversity, to design proposals for cultural projects for specific interventions in the area of project implementation, and to identify sources of funding for these projects (structural funds, grants EEA budgets State and local).

The results of the workshops have been subject to consultation and subsequently validated in three sectoral studies in culture and arts developed for Botosani, Iasi and Bistrita-Năsăud.



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